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The Watakant Klapstool is a carefully handmade beach chair crafted from the finest rattan straw. It can recline to three different positions, making it perfect for sunbathing, reading, or any other activity – we've got your back!

Lightweight and eco-friendly, the Klapstool comes with a fashionable canvas shoulder strap for convenient portability. This vegan chair is constructed using regenerative, longlasting, and sustainable materials, and looks exactly as pictured - what you see is what you get!


Shipping from Mallorca all over Europe.

100% ecological rattan straw - handwoven

Our ecological rattan straw is natural as it can get – stains and discoloration that lead to a beautiful pattern only nature can draw. Made by hand - each Klapstool is unique.

Even though it has a strong framework, we ask you to treat your Klapstool kindly and care for it.

Foldable. Comfy. Stylish. Vegan.

Weight: 3kg

Seat: 43cm x 45cm

Backrest: 68cm x 40cm

Folded: 72cm x 43cm

Care Guide

Watakant Klapstool is made to last!!

If you treat it with care, it will treat you very long. 

Remember - Sea salt is not the best friend of rattan straw and therefore can affect longevity. Keep your rattan humid using a splash of sweet water after the beach and you’ll be fine! Change into dry beachwear before sitting down and it’ll be even better. Use the chair exclusively for sitting and don’t put any spot pressure on the seat to not risk a breaking of the straw!

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