Watakant Klapstool – we’ve got your back!

Beachfront essentials inspired by a life under the Mediterranean sun


combines simplistic design and comfort

From Mallorca to your home, Watakant Klapstool is destined for quality outdoor living.

Our simplistic designed Klapstool takes quality outdoor living to a whole new level! Initially made for the beach, it has already found its way to the gardens, roof terraces, lounges, balconies and camper vans around Europe. It decorates boutique hotels just as much as tiny houses and it continues to bring a bit of the endless summer to your homes!

Klapstool Watakant

The barefoot beach life, the salty breeze, sun on our skin and a refreshing dip - that’s our daily groove.

Originally hailing from Germany, we got stranded in this idyllic spot. We chose the beach - or the beach chose us. Thus, Watakant was born, a neologism inspired by an old-German tongue where „Waterkant“ translates to Shoreline.

Get stranded - but in style.